What is Very Novel ?

20 Aug

I’m Sean O. Murphy. I’m a writer.

“Very Novel” is a new blog about writing, my career as a professional freelance writer, and my process of writing my first novel (and then hopefully, publishing, and promoting that novel).

Cleverly named,right?

I am going to make a quick assumption that we all know the definition of novel.  It combines the idea that this is a new turn of page in my life story and the obvious that I am going to focus a lot of time on the process of novel writing. In particular, I will be talking about the process that I am discovering while writing a novel.

I will share the process of writing my novel. What I did? What worked? What didn’t? What challenges did I face? Where I am in the process? You can follow along with me as I attempt to accomplish a lofty life goal and scratch one off my bucket list.

It won’t be all about me.

It will also be writing tips. It will be things that I have found that work for me as a writer. It might be advice on freelancing. It will be links to interesting articles elsewhere that helped me. It might be recommendations of services or products that I have used and worked for me.

I also really want you to comment. Share ideas. Expand on my concepts. Encourage me along the way. You don’t have to be a writer (though I suspect many of you will be) or a blogger to have something to add to the conversation.

Are you ready? Want to watch me do something new? Want to help along the way? Let’s go!


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