Build a Better Brand Profile: 30 Day Challenge (Day 12)

12 Sep

Now you have a blog. What are you going to do with it?

On Day 5 of the challenge you started your blog. You have probably made a few posts. That’s good. Now I want you to write a post with a very deliberate “call to action”. I am still following the challenge as outlined by Robert Brewer for MNINB Day 12. Mr. Brewer ends each of his posts with a call to action and directs the readers to what he wants them to do next.

Personal Notes on Call to Action Buttons: Exam...

“Call to Action” (Photo credit: SixRevisions)

What is a “Call to Action”?

A post with a “call to action” is writing with a purpose for your readers. A post may point out a problem, recommend a solution, and then end with a call to taking action to correct the problem. There are many blog posts that end with suggesting a product that will help correct the problem the post points out. This is not the only type of “call to action”; the writer may suggest a technique for solving the problem and then call you to use that technique.

Even ending each post with the suggestion to leave comments or to follow/share on social media are valid and frequent examples of “call to action”.

Write a Blog Post that Ends with a Call to Action.

Write a blog post that gives information and then directs the readers to a course of action. This post can be about anything. The sky is the limit (as long as you end with a “call to action” for your reader. If you get stuck then you might want to write about the article you found and shared on Day 11.

Be sure to end the post with links to your social media (a second “call to action”). This is something Mr. Brewer does with every post and something I have been trying to remember to do.


If you haven’t yet, please connect with me on social media:

Please follow this blog by email or on your WordPress reader page (or both). If you found this information valuable then please feel free to share it with others (by any means necessary). I provided the share buttons so you bring the shares.

As always your comments are appreciated.

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