Build a Better Brand: 30 Day Challenge (Day 13 & 14)

13 Sep

I am combining these posts. As so often happens to all of us, life popped up and I spent Wednesday night(they sent her home) and Thursday night in the ER with my wife and they are keeping her at the hospital for surgery in the morning. The challenge was going to be an easy one according to plan anyway for Day 13 but now I am combining it with the Day 14 post. Both challenges together might take 15 minutes. Are you ready?

DAY 13: Share the post that you wrote on Day 12 on all of your social media. If you have done this already then congratulate yourself and skip directly to the next task.


DAY 14: If you are playing along with us in the month of September 2012 then today is a Friday. Tweet a #FF post and list all of your favorite people to follow.  If it isn’t Friday in your world then do a #FF tweet anyway. Why can’t it be “Follow Fun” this week instead of “Follow Friday“?

That’s all for Day 13/Day14.  I will try to make my Freewriting Friday  post on time tomorrow. If I miss then please know it wasn’t for not trying. This blog and its readers are very important to me.


If you haven’t yet, please connect with me on social media:

Please follow this blog by email or on your WordPress reader page (or both). If you found this information valuable then please feel free to share it with others. I provided the share buttons so you bring the shares.

As always your comments are appreciated.


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