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Build a Better Brand Platform: 30 Day Challenge (Day 25)

25 Sep

In lieu of actual content, please accept this cute cartoon.


We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. After a short away and a look into Klout with Day 24, we are back on the MNINB Platform Building Challenge as Mr. Brewer designed it. His Day 25 task will also be ours and it is…

Interview an Expert.

There are a lot of good reasons to include interviews with experts in your blog. It allows you to make connections with experts in your field. It shows that you are aware enough of your field to spot the experts and ask them interesting questions. It can lead you into new areas of thinking for your blog as the experts may point out facts or relate stories about things that were previously unknown to you that you can follow up on. It might be the perfect set-up to a guest post in the future.

My nine year old daughter frequently asks me, “If you are following along with this other guy’s challenge then why don’t you just tell them to read his blog?” Today, that sounds like an excellent idea. Mr. Brewer lays out very well the steps of conducting an email interview from asking for the interview (easier than it sounds) to crafting a few short questions (more challenging than it sounds). Please do click on the link above that says “Day 25”. Read along with Mr. Brewer’s advice and then report back to me if you accept the challenge. Oh, and how cute is Robert’s son in that picture? Sincerely, very cute kid.

I am going to call this one “done” for myself as I regularly interview experts for my freelancing. However, I will be working interviews with various writers into this blog as soon as next month. We are keeping it short as we are in the home stretch. Truth? “Day Job” is very hard on my soft writer’s behind and I think I am coming down with a case of the Mondays.



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