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Phoetry: Son of Phoetry: The Return of Clippy

6 Oct
clippy by scampy

clippy by scampy (Photo credit: jimmy.kl)

Clippy, my old friend
where have you disappeared to
just as I needed you?

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The Return of a Friend?



25 Aug

Edenpictures-Eden,Janine,Jim July2007

Jenny Parbery at the blog, Jiltaroo has been experimenting with “Phoetry”, which is capturing an image from a dream to memory or scrawled into a journal and searching out a photograph similar to the image to share. She describes it this way:

“On the edge of sleep, I see a picture, 

Then add another, to make it richer.

In the early hours of this morning I lay in bed thinking about this type of poetry. I’m going to call it “Phoetry”. In that moment before waking, try to grasp and stay hold the image that comes into your mind. Whatever comes first. Then add another to it.”

These two images of standing stones upon a lonely craggy patch of land are very close to images from last night’s dreams of ghostly battles across hard half-frozen ground. I can almost hear the sounds of clanking swords and yelps of warriors poisoned on rage  I wrote this short verse to accompany these images.

Remember the warrior-kings , those blood-eaters

mad as moon baying wolves, strong as cloven-hoofed oxen,

Those who wade out first into battle?

Bear-skinned butchers,

They bear blood-stained blades

Into battle,

Who hack through enemy shields?

Leaves no witness to time,

Left standing are only the stones

To record them.

Standing Stone Sunset

Standing Stone Sunset (Photo credit: Hello, I am Bruce)

This is a fun exercise and one you might duplicate. Concentrate on an image from your dream and find two photographs that resemble them. For more fun and writing practice, write a short piece of verse (or prose) to accompany them.

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