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Build a Better Brand Platform: 30 Day Challenge (Day 26)

26 Sep

Déjà vu all over again! Remember Day 19 of this challenge? 

Guess who’s back,back again. Sean is back, tell a friend. We are repeating the challenge from a week ago.  Write a blog post including a call to action and remember SEO. Then share it. While many of you post more than once a week, at least once a week is a habit to form. Giving your readers a consistent day (and even time) will help you build an audience. People will know how often to look for you and it will become a habit for them to check your blog as well.

It’s all about building an audience and rewarding them with regular content…

and a kitten.

A kitten opens its eyes for the first time

A kitten opens its eyes for the first time  Awww….(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Excelsior. Peace Out.


Build a Better Brand Platform: 30 Day Challenge (Day 19)

19 Sep

Have you seen The Karate Kid? Do you remember the scene when Mr. Miyagi shows a defiant Daniel-san that all the seemingly meaningless and tedious tasks he had been doing while training were actually lessons and part of a greater whole.  Today is the day we put it all together.

For today’s challenge write a blog post and include a call to action  -possibly to leave comments , to sign up for your email feed  or to use the share buttons  to share with others. Share the post  on Facebook , Twitter  and Linked In . Don’t forget to think SEO  as this will help increase the number of positive hits when you search your name. It is a good routine to share a blog post  every day. You should write a new post at least once a week. Be consistent. Engage your readers regularly This is the way you will define yourself  to your readers and reach your ultimate goals.

You thought you were taking “baby steps”? It looks like you are tap-dancing to me,kid.

The main cast of The A-Team. Clockwise from to...

The main cast of The A-Team. Clockwise from top: H. M. Murdock, B. A. Baracus, Hannibal Smith and Templeton “Face” Peck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Hannibal from A-Team was fond of saying, “I love it when a plan comes together!

(Reference MNINB Day 19)


If you haven’t yet, please connect with me on social media:

Please follow this blog by email or on your WordPress reader page (or both). If you found this information valuable then please feel free to share it with others. I provided the share buttons so you bring the shares.

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Build a Better Brand Platform: 30 Day Challenge (Day 18)

18 Sep

I am returning to Robert Brewer’s MNINB Day 18 this afternoon. “Not Bob” makes some very useful suggestions about SEO today. As a reminder, SEO is techie talk for “Search Engine Optimization” and that is a fancy way of saying “the things that make my blog show up higher on the page for searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo and what have you”.  Our guide, “Not Bob” gives us a handy 4 step process and I will not repeat it here for brevity’s sake. Hit this link and follow along with his challenge for the day. Be sure to thank him in the comments and maybe even mention who sent you his way.

Blue Ridge Writers Conference 2011-Robert Lee Brewer

Mr. Robert “Not Bob” Brewer himself, our fearless leader, our platform building guide, and writing,parenting,life tip guru.

I’ll be back to adding my own commentary and tips/tricks tomorrow.


If you haven’t yet, please connect with me on social media:

Please follow this blog by email or on your WordPress reader page (or both). If you found this information valuable then please feel free to share it with others. I provided the share buttons so you bring the shares.

As always your comments are appreciated.

Build a Better Brand Platform: 30 Day Challenge (Day 10)

10 Sep

The Build a Better Brand Platform: 30 Day Challenge is a third of the way complete. If you have been following along since Day 1 then congratulate yourself. You have shown a lot of commitment to building an author’s platform that will truly serve you. I owe you thanks for taking this challenge seriously and testing to see how it will work for you. We all owe thanks to Robert Brewer and the challenge he created in April for MNINB.

Day 10 Challenge: Search Your Name

Today’s challenge, do a search on your name as it appears in your byline. First, search your name using Google . Try Bing. Give Yahoo a try. These are three of the main search engines. Searching your name, you’ll receive an idea what others will see when they search specifically for you by name.  If you have a blog (and you should after Day 5) then hopefully it shows early on the first page of results. You want this to be the same for a website if you have one at this point. Hopefully, the majority of results will lead people to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media. Even better if it leads to your writing or positive reviews of your writing.

Sean O. Murphy Google Search

Google Search Sean O. Murphy and this is what you will see. There are 2 more pages a lot like it!

We are just looking for a little insight into what others see when they look for you. Search images as well. If your blog/website doesn’t show early (or even on the first page) then…


We will cover some methods for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) later in the overall challenge. In other words, I am going to talk about how to get your name a little higher in the search results a little later this month.

Apparently, I share my name with a retired Gaelic Footballer. Additionally a search for “Sean Murphy” will not find me as readily as searching my entire byline. I changed my byline to include the middle initial when my first experiments with self-Google-ation would always bring back results for an Associated Press writer of the same name, in the same town, with many more credits to his name (this Sean Murphy). However, he has added “AP” to his username on much of his social media to avoid confusion. No, not with me! I believe with the Irish Footballer that shares our name. Although, I am sure that I am squeaking in on his searches of late.

You might be surprised who people are finding when they are looking for you. It is worthwhile to see what images people are finding when they are looking for you as well.

Extra Credit?


Who are people finding when they are looking for you? Share anything interesting that this challenge taught you in the comments.

Radical Reasons to Register Your Blog with Technorati

23 Aug
This is icon for social networking website. Th...

This is icon for social networking website. This is part of Open Icon Library’s webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the beginning, blogging is a lonely business.

Only your mom reads your blog. Not to be harsh but there are a lot of blogs out there and maybe mom doesn’t even read your blog. Lack of quality content is a possible reason. Write what your readers want to read. You have to provide information that people are looking for -and-  find that “voice” as a writer that is both a trusted authority and a person that you would choose to sit down with for a conversation. We all have that person in our lives who “knows it all” (and maybe they really do know their stuff) but when we see them coming we turn the other way. Don’t be “that guy”. No one owes you their time. We are all one quick mouse-click away from Facebook or Twitter. That’s reality.

It takes time to find your followers and attract a steady readership. Unless you like the idea of blogging into a void, you have probably wondered how to increase traffic to your blog and have a chance to earn the regular readers that you know your content deserves.If you are doing what you can to write quality content in a style that invites readers to keep reading but it feels like notes in a bottle set out to the whims of the tide, don’t despair. Take action.

The number one reason that no one is reading your blog is no one is seeing it. 

Do something about it. I will talk more about promoting your blog with social media later. Right now…

Let’s talk Technorati.

One of the ways that you can quickly and easily draw more traffic is by registering your blog at Technorati. Many beginning bloggers might never have heard of the service and meanwhile many veterans of the blogosphere are starting to question it’s usefulness; not whether it works but rather how well it works in the changing culture of “new media”. To pro-bloggers, Technorati is an old tool. Many tout instead Google Blog Search which is a useful tool. That shouldn’t stop you from wanting to register with Technorati. It is a very useful tool for any blogger. You might have an electric screwdriver that you use but I bet you back it up with a manual in your tool box anyway. No matter what new technologies come along, there will be still be the trusted basic tools.

But if you are a new blogger, you might have just shrugged and said…

Yeah, but what is Technorati anyway?

Technorati is a blog search engine with a few uses for the smart blogger.It is a search engine just for blogs. The site itself is a Goliath  and has indexed an army of over one hundred million blogs to date. There must be an excellent reason over 10x million blog owners decided to claim their blogs on Technorati.

Why should I register my blog with Technorati?

Let’s take a look at a few advantages of registering your blog with Technorati:

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Technorati gives a big boost in search engine traffic, as people are able to find your blog  easier there and your rankings will increase. Technorati is expert at indexing your blog, and sorting it into appropriate categories for searchers, more people will be able to find your content because they will be looking for it in the right place.  Google, Yahoo and Bing search results will all boost as people find you easier with Technorati.

The Tag System will Increase Traffic

Technorati has a tag system that efficiently sorts your tagged blog post into the correct category.  The more you tag with Technorati, the easier people will find your blog. Getting your blog to the right readers is what it is all about. If you blog with WordPress, there is even a plug-in to suggest the best tags to get your posts noticed.

See What Bloggers are Saying About Your Blog

With the right keywords, it is easy on Technorati to see what (and face it, if…)other bloggers are talking about you.  Check out when other bloggers are mentioning your content and what they have to say about you. Your credibility will grow as other bloggers are able to refer their readers to your posts.

Someday You Might Be Ranked With The Blogger Big Boys

Over time, you can watch your blog rise in the rankings. It won’t be immediate but as your content gets better and your blog is found by the right readers (and really that’s any readers) then you might find yourself becoming ranked with the big boys. Go ahead, get your hopes up.

Imagine being selected as a featured post and enjoy the spike in traffic that will produce. You have my permission to dream that it’s possible. It is possible.

How do I register with Technorati?

The WordPress Help has an excellent how-to for registering with Technorati. I won’t repeat the steps here but do recommend that you use the help they offer. It is what I used to register my own account.

Have you registered with Technorati? Can you endorse it for others? Let’s continue the conversation in the comments.

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